Compliance Dashboard

How are we keeping up with regulatory requirements and the ACA roll-out?

Advanced Insurance offers a web based tool that helps our employer clients not only understand compliance obligations, but gives you a way to manage the associated tasks.

Compliancedashboard helps you determine which laws affect your plan and provides interactive task management to assure compliance. The dashboard is also a valuable verification and monitoring system that provides you with the all-important audit trail. The reporting provides documentation of ongoing compliance activities with an information aggregator, dashboard calendar, messaging, and automated tracking and reminders for concise delegation to appropriate managers. Regulatory compliance is vital whether your plan is self-funded or fully-insured.

Want to learn more? Watch the Compliancedashboard Screencast

Compliancedashboard provides you, as an employer and fiduciary, an easily understood task management system that can help you avoid the cost of non-compliance. It covers ERISA, Health Care Reform, FASB requirements, and many more federal laws that are otherwise forgotten or erroneously assumed to be mitigated by third parties.

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Why use Compliancedashboard?

  • Stay on top of health care reform
  • Simplify compliance obligations
  • Decrease administrative costs
  • Reduce your liability from noncompliance